LAC 31

Recorded 1205-2013 A.D.
Disclosed 2013 A.D.

Located in the south was Muspelheim, realm of fire. According to Sofus Bugge, Muspel is a derivative composed from Latin mundus, "world", and Old Norse spilla, "to destroy". Thus Muspelheim was the home of world-destroyers or world- destruction (by fire). North from Muspelheim lay Niflheim, home of darkness, mist and ice. From central Niflheim well Hvergelmir flowed the eleven mighty glacial rivers.

In the beginning, When the warmth of Muspelheim met the ice of Niflheim, water poured out into Ginnungagap, the vast “yawning void” between the southern fire and the northern ice. In this moist limbo between the opposing forces, the world was created.

Now once again we, inhabitants of Muspelheim, cause the inevitable apocalyptic situation by escalating our combustive processes, melting the polar ice. Water flows again out of the Hvergelmir-well into Ginnungagap. With care we must prepare ourselves for the creation of a new world while we anxiously await the birth of the proto-giant Ymir.